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The First Views of Malaga in the 16th Century: Graphic Sources for Research
 Autor: Gámiz Gordo, Antonio; Ruiz Padrón, Luis  Categoría: Actas Congreso  Editorial: Springer  Fecha: 2017  ISBN: 9783319588551  Páginas: 12  Idioma: Inglés Etiquetas:Anton Van den Wyngaerde | Civitates | Málaga | Descarga

Páginas 1325 – 1337.

Architecture and urban planning should contribute to urban progress bypreserving the fragile values of inherited landscapes, integrating the old and thenew. It is thus essential to investigate the transformations of each site has under-gone, using graphic sources and checking their reliability. The case of thefirstviews of Malaga in the 16th century is discussed here. Apart from reviewingsymbolic representations of little documentary value, the views drawn by Antonvan den Wyngaerde in 1564 and the one published in Civitates Orbis Terrarum in1572 are analyzed; all of which provide exceptional testimonies of a landscapetransformed through the centuries.

En: Congreso Nacional de Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónica.

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